Presbytery Papers


Last Stated Presbytery Meeting

Stated Presbytery Meeting – November 9-10, 2018   

A big thank you to Columbia! You were welcoming, gracious and helpful.  What a wonderful, spacious place for a meeting. Also the dinner, snacks and pizza all displayed how deliciously you know how to host.   

Top 5 Points of Business to report back to your congregations:  

  • 5. Grab your wallet: Per capita rate will be $35.50 for 2019.
  • 4.  To her credit, we owe her a debit of gratitude: Bookkeeper Diane Wells honored after completing 15 years of service.  So get off your assets!
  • 3.  For those who inquired: Four Inquirers moved to Candidates for Ministry:
    • Annica Gage (Tualatin,Tualatin)
    • Rachel Stramel (Orenco, Hillsboro)
    • Sue Van Stelle (Calvin, Tigard)
    • Trevor Walters (Bethany, Portland)
  • 2. Keep your telephones in working order:  Jeff Fox (First, Medford) and Brian Reeves (First, Roseburg) elected to Nominating Committee.
  • 1.  Presbytery focus on homelessness and housing continues: Julia West House in Portland to be sold and redeveloped as Low income housing.
  • 0. Will other presbyteries follow our lead? Cascades votes to ratify four amendments to Book of Order  and reject a fifth.
  • -1. Who is saying that? Inquirers excused from meeting but overheard discussion of their suitability through the P.A. system.

We smashed our recent record for attendance:  103 ministers of the Word & Sacrament, 83 elder Commissioners, 1 Certified Christian Educator and a parakeet trained to say “second” !     

CONSENSUS HAS ITEveryone who voted expressed interest in MORE time for Connecting and Fellowship at future meetings.

We collected $700 for SHARE HOUSE VANCOUVER the only shelter for single men in Clark County. It includes 30 beds for single men for a 30-60 day stay; 25 additional beds available for a 2-year transitional housing.