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Presbytery of the Cascades Stated Meeting

November 6 and 7


 Background Papers


Greeting and Opening Worship

Friday Portion of the Meeting

Saturday Portion of the Meeting

Stimulus Challenge Grant Part 3

Stimulus Challenge Grant Part 4

Two Highlights

  1. The 2021 Presbytery budgets were adopted.  See the budget information here.
  2. For more information on particular decisions made by the presbytery, Minutes of the meeting are here.

Presbytery Online Stated Meeting by Zoom

July Presbytery Minutes

July Meeting Recap


Friday Afternoon – July 17 
Online Meeting by Zoom – Opening Worship, Adopt Standing Rules for Meetings, Consent Agenda, Bylaw Changes, Nominations and Elections, COR ,Presbyterian Foundation

Friday Evening – July 17
Treasurer’s Report, Synod Commissioners, Commission on Preparation for Ministry – Brenda Dykman – Melissa Temple and Rob Christ, Presbytery Leadership Commission, Report General Assembly Commissioners Part 1

Saturday Morning – July 18
General Assembly Commissioners Part 2, Reports of the Presbytery Staff, Necrology Report, Honorable Retirement – Chris Dungan, Closing Worship with Installation of Officers

Stimulus Challenge Grant Video Part 1
These videos from the Presbytery of Cascades, Capture part of how congregations used the $1000 Stimulus Challenge Grants given to them to invest in their communities, challenging them to grow the gift. (based on the parable of the talents.) This version excludes the portion from 1st Bend at the end because it could not be uploaded to YouTube due to copy right law.  Here is a link to Bend’s Video on Facebook

Stimulus Challenge Grant Video Part 2

Re-Opening Workshop 

Re-Opening Church Buildings workshop led by the Presbytery’s Reopening Taskforce on Saturday,July 18 beginning at 11:30 am. Also included on this video are insights from Dr. Macia McFee on re-opening worship in the sanctuary.

“For more information about Dr. Marcia McFee and the Worship Design Studio, visit” To sign up for a webinar on design worship in these times, go to

Announcement Video

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