Grants Available through the Presbytery of the Cascades



The Committee on Representation has established an ongoing grant program to encourage Presbytery entities to partner in cross-cultural ministry.

Grant Limit:  $15,000    Cross-Cultural Partnerships Grant including Application

Similar grant to consider:  Self Development of People (SDOP), Vitality Grant


 For more information contact the

stated clerk.


This grant program provides financial support for local programs/projects which deliver services that strengthen the bonds of communities, neighborhoods and families within the Presbytery of the Cascades.  Due to the broad scope of this mission and the limited funds available, awards will be focused each year on a different broad service area. 

Recent examples are: focusing on mental health (2020), assisting victims of domestic violence (2017); services to aid homeless persons (2016); and supporting family literacy  (2015).

 Grant Limit:  Varies by year and proposal but typically around $1,000

Similar grants to consider:  Self Development of People


This grant is designed to steward projects that empower people.  The main emphasis of a project should be the “long-term” correction of conditions that keep people bound by poverty and oppression. 

Grant Limit:  $20,000

Similar grant to consider depending on project:  BISBEE



  • Provides grants to help churches or presbytery programmatic entities update their facilities or services so as not to exclude anyone’s participation based on a disability.  Serves to help churches upgrade to meet ADA compliance regulations.
  • Provides emergency capital loans and/or grants for congregations needing immediate and critical assistance.
  • Provides limited support for mission & program needs of churches.
  • Funds large scale maintenance projects for presbytery property.

Recent examples:  Emergency furnace repair, facility updates for ADA compliance, fallen tree removal, limited funding for church education program needs, short-term loan to help with the costs of extensive capital projects.

Grant Limit:  $10,000

Similar grants to consider:  1001 Worshiping Walton Award as below

Click Here for  Barnabas Grant Application

Technology Grant for Congregations during Social Isolation

The Presbytery Leadership Commission has approved funds for technology grants that will be available to congregations who desire assistance with online worship and meetings. We feel this is particularly important while we are physically separated during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The grant amounts are flexible but will be generally smaller than the regular technology grants.  The Communication and Technology Team will receive grant applications particularly focusing on assisting congregations with limited financial and technology resources.  The grants may be used to purchase upgraded webcams, microphones, camcorders, streaming devices and zoom accounts.  If a congregation had only outdated equipment available to them (laptops/smartphones for example) they may be eligible for a larger grant.  We have a team that is willing to give congregations some technology advice and you may contact them by making an initial inquiry with Steve Parker, Interim Communications Coordinator.   


This grant is available to smaller congregations (typically churches with less than 150 members) which are exploring new ideas for growth and community outreach.  

Recent examples are:  Hosting a family shelter, intergenerational education, alternative worship service, funding to support summer neighborhood art and music camps sponsored by church.

Grant limit:  $10,000

Similar grants to consider:  New Ministries Team Grant

Click Here for Vitality Grant Application


The NMT Grant exists to steward efforts within the presbytery to begin new churches and new ministries.  This grant should also be considered by existing congregations hoping to revitalize their mission through developing new and alternative forms of ministry.

Recent examples areFunding to support a youth outreach program focused on character development and mentorship; funding for the development of an ecumenical affordable housing coalition.

Grant limit:  Grant amounts will depend on the project.

Similar grants to considerVitality Grant

Click Here for  New ministries grant application


1001 NWC grants are from the national church, PCUSA, to support new and varied forms of church for our changing culture.  Right now, there are 3 options:

  • Seed Grant – $7,500 grant, with pretty low entry point
    • Investment Grant – $25,000, requires matching and already received Seed Grant
      • Growth Grant – $25,000, requires matching and already received Seed & Investment Grants
    • Health Insurance Grant –  $1,500 towards health insurance for organizing pastors of new worshipping communities.
    • Walton Award – Up to $50,000 to a new church development that is working in creative ways to bring the gospel to their local communities.

More information on these grants can be found at this link:  CLICK HERE

Other opportunities to consider:  There are several designated accounts that have funds available, but the funds in these accounts can only be used for the specific purpose intended–local disaster assistance, presbytery hunger program, and Lectionary Seminar.  Contact the presbytery office for more details on these sources of funding.


Congregations seeking renewal for their pastor are invited to apply for the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to a news release from the program, congregations may apply for grants of up to $50,000 to underwrite a renewal program for their pastor and for the pastor’s family. Up to $15,000 of the funds are available to the congregation to help cover costs for ministerial supply while the pastor is away.

More information on this grant can be found at this link:  CLICK HERE

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