Congregational Leader Forms

Clerks of Session:

We are redesigning this report, and we’re looking for the best, simplest, most efficient method for both clerks and Presbytery staff.  Your general or specific comments can be sent to

Here are two prototype methods.  If you are familiar with spreadsheets (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Libre Office Calc, Google sheets, iWork Numbers) you may find this the easiest and fastest way to fulfil the reporting request for the Congregational Leaders.  If you are not comfortable with using spreadsheets, try the word processor format (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, Libre Writer, iWork-Pages, Google Docs).

Which ever method you use, attach your completed document to an email addressed to

Congregation Leader Assignment Form– SpreadSheet format

Congregation Leader Assignment Form – Word Processor format

Other prototype methods coming soon may include Fillable .pdf, and on-line Form fill-out.

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