Ministerial Openings in the Presbytery

  • The Malin\Tulelake MIF is online at the CLC

MIF for Malin from CLC


  • Kenilworth – Supply Pastor

Supply Pastor Position Description -Kenilworth


  • First Presbyterian Church – Lakeview

Stated Supply Position Description


  • First Presbyterian, Vancouver is seeking an Associate Pastor 

Ministry Information Form


  • Mckenzie Valley Presbyterian, Walterville is seeking a part time Stated Supply Pastor

McKenzie Valley Presbyterian Church


  • Myrtle Creek is seeking a Supply Pastor

Supply Pastor Position Description for Tri City Pres, Myrtle Creek


  • First Presbyterian, Bandon is looking for an interim pastor

for More Information Contact Clark Scalera    Position Interim Pastor – FINAL


  • St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Camas, Washington      Co-Pastor and Head of Staff Pastor

MIF for St. John’s Presbyterian


  • Mt. Scott Park Presbyterian, Portland    Pastor

MIF for Mt. Scott Park


  • Moreland Presbyterian Church, Portland           Director of Communty Engagement (Youth and Adult)

MPC – DoCE – Job Description FINAL – 2020-01-14


  • Westminister Presbyterian Church, Portland         Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adults and Community

MIF for Westminster Presbyterian, Portland


  • Bethany Presbyterian Church, Portland       Head of Staff

MIF for Bethany Presbyterian Church


  • Cherry Park Presbyterian, Troutdale    Supply Pastor

Cherry Park Supply Pastor Position





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