“You have helped me more in one hour than all the months I’ve been with my psychiatrist and grief counselor”.

        A church member spoke these words as we ended our time together.
        All I did was suggest a way to position his body
        and breathe with him in an intentional pattern that was prayer.

With compassion,
we can see the difficulties of being human

                                         especially right now . .  .     

      As we fluctuate between
      a never-ending infusion of stress pumping, hyper-vigilance
      a hide-in-a-cave, falling into helplessness, hopelessness
      many places in between . . .

      Our faith story can give perspective and meaning
                  but there are also stories of our
                          bodies and nervous systems
                                 that are woven into our experiences.

We know that change, resilience and healing take place through:

                                                                                Ritual — Practice — Supportive Community
You are invited to explore the intersection of:
Somatic(body) Intelligence — Health — Spiritual Practices

Made possible for Pastors and Chaplains through a
Mental Health Ministries Grant from PCUSA.

January-June 2021


  • Enjoy a supportive community with intentional rhythm, laughter and learning form a variety of proven resources which are effective in increasing resilience and health.
  • Dive into the fascinating world of neurobiology and its’ influences on health and experiences of life, with relevance to current issues such as anti-racism, divisions, individual and communal grief, trauma and prayer.  
  • Develop and integrate tools with spiritual practices and strategize how these tools can be used in your communities.


Opening Retreat: January 24th, 1pm through January 25th, 3pm.

  • Followed by monthly, one day Retreats — February to June, 8-4pm, days to be determined by participants.
  • Cost: up to $150 for supplies (list to follow upon registration. you may already have some).
  • In between retreats, there will be optional opportunities for small group check-in, spiritual direction and embodied practice.
  • Please invite other clergy friends/minister colleagues in other Presbyterian/Denominations
  • Sign up by January 10th

Registration Link 

Questions? Contact sharon@1stpres.org 




Are you due for Boundary Training in 2021?  If you’re unsure, please email Presbytery Office to find out.
Not only is Boundary Training part of presbytery policy but it is also good practice. And even if you are retired, you are still bound by policy to take the course every 4 years though you can apply for a waiver if you are no longer involved in any form of ministry.  CLICK HERE for a Waiver Application.  
Furthermore, if we can trust the exit surveys, nearly 95% of those attending agree that it is a positive experience and many enjoy the opportunity to discuss ministry issues with colleagues!
Grab your calendars and CLICK HERE to go to the Doodle poll where you can sign up for course that — like an Olympic victory — is good for four years

Here are our course offerings–you will sign up for one 1 hour and forty-five minute class only:

  • March 2, 2:30-4:15pm; 6:30-8:15pm
  • March 3, 9-10:45 am

  • April 14 3-4:45 pm
  • April 15 9:30-11:15 am; 1-2:45 pm

  • May 17  2:30-4:14; 6:30-8:15
  • May 18  11am -12:45 pm

  • June 17 10-11:45,  3-4:45

  • September 14 3-4:45;
  • September 15, 9-10:45: 12-1:45

  • November 3  6:30-8:15pm
  • November 4  9-10:45

Thank you for taking the time to register and attend one of these classes. 
Paul Belz-Templeman
Stated Clerk, Presbytery of the Cascades

Fire Concerns and Donate

In September, numerous fires burned throughout our presbytery.  The most severe of these fires affected six primary areas where we have congregations.  Below you may donate to general fire relief to assist these congregations or donate to a specific area.  

Almeda Drive Fire 

     Impacted Church – First Pres, Phoenix

     Neighboring churches – First Pres, Ashland; First Pres Medford; First Pres Central Point; Bethany Pres, Grants Pass

Archie Creek Fire

      Neighboring Church – First Pres, Roseburg

Holiday Farm Fire 

 Impacted Church – McKenzie Valley Pres, Walterville

Neighboring Churches – Westminster Pres, Eugene; Central Pres, Eugene; Peace Pres, Eugene; First Pres, Creswell        

Beachie Creek Fire 

     Impacted Church – First Pres, Mill City

      Neighboring Churches – Salem First Pres; Westminster Pres, Salem; John Knox Pres, Keizer

Eco Fire

    Neighboring Church – Chapel by the Sea, Lincoln City

Riverside Fire 

 Impacted Churches – Springwater Pres; Eagle Creek Pres 

Neighboring Churches – Emmanuel Pres, West Linn; Oak Hills Pres, Milwaukie; 1st Pres, Woodburn; Aurora Pres

We are grateful to report that all of our church buildings survived the fires without significant damage.  Simultaneously, our hearts and our prayers go out to our many church members and neighbors who have lost their homes, livelihoods, and livestock. 

We are currently working with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and organizing our relief efforts.  To support this work, we are collecting financial resources which will be used in both emergency and long-term relief efforts.  To contribute to this presbytery fund, please send checks to the presbytery office designated as “Fire Relief” plus the area where you would like to focus your contribution.  Or, you can donate online using the link below.

Please do remain in prayer for one another, and be in touch!  It is with the great faith, hope, and love – initiated by God’s grace and demonstrated through this community – that we are able to face these challenges and care for our members and neighbors.


By clicking the PayPal Donate Now button you may direct your gift to:

  • Fire Relief General Fund
  • Almeda Drive Fire
  • Archie Creek Fire
  • Holiday Farm Fire
  • Beachie Creek Fire
  • Eco Fire
  • Riverside Fire

During the final step of the donation process, the user is able to “Add a note” indicating which relief effort you would like to target.  If no note is included, the funds will go into the Fire Relief General Fund.

 Or feel free to send any donations directly to:

 Presbytery of the Cascades

Attn:  Fire Relief

245 S. Bancroft St., Suite D

Portland, OR  97239

(the donate button is powered by Paypal Business)

Resources for the Church as we Creatively Connect in Faith

This blog is formed for members of the Presbytery of the Cascades to share their stories, resources and concerns in the midst of COVID-19. How are you creatively connecting with the people in your community? 

If you have something to share, comment in the box below and paste in any links you have.  You will have to scroll down to see all of the comments. 

Back to COVID-19 Resources

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Cascades Presbytery supports Vital Congregations’ Initiative

Barbara Campbell gave a report on the “Vital Congregation Initiative” at the November presbytery meeting. She highlighted the seven marks of a vital congregation – noting what vital
congregations are and are not. They are:

  •  LIFELONG Discipleship Formation VS Complacent
    “Christian” piety, simply teaching good morals, or offering the
    latest programs.
  •  Intentional Authentic Evangelism VS “Jesus freaks”;
    “Christian” Hypocrisy; A committee.
  • Outward Incarnational Focus VS Inward Institutional Survival; Closed communities of assimilation/exclusion.
  • Empower Servant Leadership VS the Pastor’s job; monopolized leadership; hiring the young energetic
    pastor; burning out good volunteers.
  • Caring Relationships VS Any other Social Club; façades, hypocrisy, and judgment of “church” and
  • Ecclesial Health VS Unhealthy dysfunction; toxic environments; obsolete and irrelevant buildings
    The purpose of the Vital Congregations Initiative is to work alongside
    leaders of existing congregations continually assessing, discerning and living
    into faithful actions that increase vitality through intentional spiritual practices
    that take them deeper into following Jesus Christ, so that their own lives are
    changed, congregations are transformed and the mission of God spreads
    throughout particular communities and the world. For more information and
    access to resources click here.

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